The art_MAMAS GUN MUSIC 2015. 3. 29. 16:46

Behind these bright deceiving eyes,
behind these lips forever smiling
lies the meaning of despair
like a fugitive in hiding

Today I wish that I would find a way
to change the way I am
then maybe it might still be yesterday,
before it all began

Now that the light is fading,
this is the only thing I know
how to reach reach, how to touch,
and call my own
There's so much I'm yet to know in
the art of letting go

Under dark December skies
somewhere my happiness is calling
like a sun that never shines, solemn
sleepless till the morning

And so I live to fight another day
and see what I've become
I could live forever in a yesterday
or I could turn away and run
Out of the arms of sorrow
into the open arms of hope
Out of reach, out of touch and on my own
Time is all there is to know in
the art of letting go